Staffing & Training Inc developed a DevOps education & placement program built by a collective of professionals facilitating the training & hiring of competent & reliable engineers.

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DevOps Academic Training

Why We’re Different

Our training program incorporates: academics, hands on exercises, interview training, resume training, and open source project work. Designed for anyone from any background. We have made engineers from: cops, assembly line techs, mechanics, self taught data scientist, and more. We also offer unlimited mentorship upon request.

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Professional Experience

Why We’re Special

We prepare you to enter the DevOps workspace and help you gain the professional experience necessary to enter the work place. Eliminating the #1 barrier to entry into the career field.

We will work closely with you as you get closer to completing the program to submit you for the DevOps job that best fits what you desire. Remote jobs are usually available but are harder and can take longer to get.

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AWS APN Partners

AWS Certifications

You are required to pass 2 AWS certifications within the academic phase of the program. You're first two test are covered under the program fee. We provide the latest in study material to assist you in passing the exams. We will also recommend supplemental material.

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Family Life

Work Life Balance

DevOps is the #2 career in America because it has one of the highest paying salaries, the ability to work remote, and general life style you will enjoy a quality work life balance with the flexibility you've been looking for. Give your family the life you always wanted.

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What We Offer

We offer an expansive DevOps training & placement program to help you break the barrier to entry into the marketplace.

Streamlined Academic Portal

Online Learning

Our program is designed to be completed at your own pace. We recommend approximately 3-5 hours a night.

Academic Training

Industry Standard Partners

Our academics and hands on exercises integrate with industry leaders in IT education.

Job Placement

DevOps Staffing Agency

When you signup with our program we will act at your discretion on your behalf to place you in your first position.

Ranks #2 on GlassDoors 2018 50 best jobs in America.

Lucrative Salary

Forbes: DevOps Engineer is the second-best job in 2018, paying a median base salary of $105,000 and 3,369 job openings.

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Proven to Work

We are a new company. We helped a total of 5 people become engineers from various backgrounds. We turned this into an online platform and started our "Founders Program" for a discounted rate. These founders will help us shape the platform for the full public release in Q3 2019.


Joey Grimm

Blue Cross & Blue Shield


Tou Tong Vang

Pelco by Schneider Electric


Lance Zukel

Charter Communications

You will be exposed to a lot of technologies in our program. This will build your versatility and prepare you to be a DevOps engineer capable of any task.

Skills & Expertise

Python, Linux & Bash 85%

AWS 90%

Kubernetes & Docker 70%

Agile & Scrum 95%

Other Languages & Technologies 75%

Hard Work 100%

Communication 100%

Taking Notes 100%


Satisied Customers


Current Academic Hours


Work Hours

Pay as you GO!

Pay Less

Our program costs are month to month, that way if you finish early you pay less.

Grandview Research predicts the DevOps market growing to 12.85 billion by 2026.

Under served Market

There were approximately 157,000 DevOps jobs in September of 2017 and the US Dept of Labor predicts 7% growth per year through 2026.

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Pricing Plan

Our pricing model is simple. Make the down payment and pay as you go. Finish early pay less. "Current price is for a limited time only.".

Pricing Plan

$750.00 / Down Payment

$ 150.00 /Month

  • 2 AWS Certification Tests
  • Unlimited Mentorship
  • Academics
  • Open Source Project Work
  • Study Material
  • LinkedIn Learning 12 Month Account
  • GSuite Account & email
  • Access to OpenSource Projects
  • Access to Slack
  • Access to AWS Infrastructure
  • Resume and Interview Training
  • Hands on Exercises
  • Job Advocacy & Staffing Services

Learn DevOps Through Our Online, Unique, and Proven Program.

Self Paced

Our hands on program takes about 6 months to complete working approximately 4-6 hours a day.

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Please leave us a message, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • 1 (888) 433 8677
  • 1 (888) IDEVOPS

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We Provide Quality DevOps Engineers.

DevOps Staffing

Starting in Q4 2019 we will have an online hiring portal for companies who need DevOps engineers to signup and hire directly through our hiring portal. We believe in trust but verify. Our streamlined portal will allow you to review the resume, work, and certifications accomplished while @ Inc. We also offer 6 months of post program assistance to engineers when they need help, we will still be there to mentor and guide our engineers to success. Until our company hiring portal is released you may inquire


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