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Who is iDevOps.io?
We are an online learning platform built by a collective of professionals to facilitate the training and hiring of competent and reliable DevOps engineers. Providing Training, DevOps & IT staffing, Career Services, and DevOps Consulting.

Our Mission
Our mission is to enable everyday individuals to make the switch into a stem career field. Industry is always changing and improving. Unfortunately the educational processes have not kept up with the swift change in industry due to rapidly improving technologies. We want to help as many people as possible through our services improve the quality of their life by helping them achieve their goals and dreams through our innovative educational platform and experience. Everyone wants more time with their family and the flexibility to accomplish their goals and desires. With our program we can enable you to do this. We unfortunately can not do the work for you, but we can enable you to take the steps and change your experience of life on this planet. Our system enables anyone regardless of background join the fastest growing industry in the United States by giving them the training and resources required to make the switch from any background.

iDevOps provides a 6 month program designed to quickly and reliably train experienced and qualified DevOps engineers. After signing up Students will complete academics via our online portal. After completing Academics and successfully passing certification exams students will work directly with instructors to be assigned open source work tasks and participate in weekly scrums to complete DevOps work as an engineer building professional experience. Students will Work directly with instructors to complete 360 hours of our open source project tasks building your professional and working experience as a DevOps engineer.

iDevOps.io utilizes industry standard learning platforms for academics and in house open source projects for hands on training to develop anyone regardless of technical background into fully fledged competent and capable DevOps engineer with professional experience. We are partnered with Linkedin Learning and AWS Partner Network to bring you the best and most current industry learning and certifications. Our goal is to familiarize you with working in the IT industry and help you quire the professional experience required to place you in a DevOps career. Don’t worry you can schedule a mentor session at anytime if you feel like you need a little extra help or just ask us in Slack.

iDevOps is an online remote learning platform. You can take the courses from anywhere inside the continental United States. The program is a work at your own pace but students are expected to complete the program in approximately 6 months at 2 to 4 hours a day. There is an underrepresented and rapidly increasing demand of the DevOps role in the current market.

    2019 Outlook by the Numbers:
  • Six Figure Median Salary
  • According to Glassdoor (a job site), currently the average median salary for DevOps engineers is nearly $133,378 based on 990 job postings submitted. Though this figure is likely to vary from company to company and cities but it can be sufficed that DevOps engineers are definitely commanding top notch IT pay nationwide.
  • 60% Of The Managers Are In Search Of Talented And Certified DevOps Engineers To Fill Positions
  • A report published by The Linux Foundation by the title Open Source Jobs, showed that 60 percent of the hiring managers in the country are actively looking to hire and fill DevOps practitioner positions. It ranked second to the broad category of developers as the most sought after positions. It definitely makes sense to get DevOps training so that you too can tap lucrative job opportunities, and make a career as a DevOps engineer.
  • DevOps Skills Rank Among The Top 5 Sought After Skills
  • 42% of the employers responded to the Open Source Job Report by stating that they would like to add DevOps expertise across their hiring portfolio which makes DevOps skills rank among the 5 top sought after skills which include open source cloud, big data, security skills and application development.

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    Value Add:
  • Linkedin Learning Subscription
  • Unique training dedicated to DevOps profession
  • Hands on training with real world technologies
  • Unlimited access to mentorship
  • Career and Resume coaching
  • Interview Assistance
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Building your brand to become a DevOps Professional
  • 2 x AWS Certificate Exams * no repeats


Hiring Engineers:
  • We can provide competent DevOps professionals that know industry standards and technologies
  • We offer 3, 6, and 12 month contracts for companies
  • Our trust but verify system enables companies to review all work before deciding to hire through our streamlined online hiring process

  • Trust but verify
  • Industry standard certificates
  • Professional experience
  • Train like you fight

  • Consistent quality of certified engineers you can trust can do the job required of them
  • All work by engineers is available for review
  • Automated online hiring process coming June 2019
  • Competitive rates
  • Job market and inability for companies to find qualified engineers
  • Market growth outlook
  • Adding engineers with AWS ceritifcates can do x for your company
  • Engineer supply pipeline

What would I choose to use your staffing services?
  • Saving time and money on recruiting, advertising, screening, interview time, background checks and more is done by iDevOps
  • We will provide qualified candidates to fill jobs
  • Allows a temp to permanent “trial” or contract buy out if the candidate is a perfect fit
  • Establish a relationship with an agency you know will fill a position and not just an interview slot
  • Companies can start hiring our engineers starting June 2019


Resume Review:Starting at $50/session
Resume review sessions will include a professional looking over the resume to make sure it is hitting all the right marks for the DevOps career. Resumes will be put through an industry formatter.
Career Coaching : Starting at $80-$150/Session (Customized to individual needs)
Career coaching sessions will be with an industry professional who will guide you through a program to determine what path you need to be successful. Career coaching will include interview preparation/mock interviews, resume/cover letter review, and assessment of strengths tailored to individual needs.


Devops Consulting: $200/hour
Get enterprise cloud architecture expertise and DevOps strategy to bring your innovations to market faster. Our consulting team will help integrate development and operations teams through cloud-native technologies that automate workloads, optimize your development and streamline delivery.


Corporate AWS Training & Consulting: $200/hour
We offer AWS training services to companies who need to get teams up to speed quickly on all things AWS. We tailor our training to meet your teams needs as IT can be dynamic and flexible. Inquire for more detailed & tailored information regarding our AWS training services for your company.


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What We Offer

We offer an expansive DevOps training & placement program to help you break the barrier to entry into the marketplace.

Streamlined Academic Portal

Online Learning

Our program is designed to be completed at your own pace. We recommend approximately 3-5 hours a night.

Academic Training

Industry Standard Partners

Our academics and hands on exercises integrate with industry leaders in IT education.

Job Placement

DevOps Staffing Agency

When you signup with our program we will act at your discretion on your behalf to place you in your first position.