DevOps Bootcamp

Apply with your email to our DevOps Bootcamp. A Representative will reach out to you within 24 hours. While you wait we will send you some more information about the program, and 35 eye opening statistics about the DevOps job market.

How does the DevOps Bootcamp work?

Our program is approximately 27 weeks, consisting of academics and hands-on project operations, teaching and reinforcing the skills required to excel at DevOps.

The project tasks you do in our program will prepare you for your first DevOps engineer role. The iDevOps program also consists of project related tasks, which are used to build your professional resume, reducing the most significant barrier to entry into DevOps.

As an added benefit, you will have one year to utilize staff for guidance and support at excelling in your first DevOps position.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a new career field, primarily focused on automating the Software Development Lifecycle and implementing Site Reliability Engineering practices. A DevOps Engineer creates code to automate traditional, manual functions of IT. Such as: code deployments, code testing, code scanning, infrastructure as code, site recovery (self-healing), monitoring, and more.

Automation allows processes to be repeatable, reliable, efficient, frequent, and done without human intervention. These automation strategies are why companies want to implement DevOps.

Companies have decided to hire DevOps engineers. Thus, all a developer has to do is push their code to a repository, which is a system for storing code on a collaborative basis in the cloud, and it will show up deployed and tested in production. Proper automation of the Software Development Lifecycle enables catching outages and issues before they occur in your live environment. Boiled down, DevOps is automating the delivery and operation of the code to the end-user.

In the last 7 years, DevOps has seen an explosion of growth, and the US department of labor predicts DevOps will continue to grow by 7% per year until 2026. DevOps is unique in the fact that it was created without any traditional staffing infrastructure to fill the need and desire for DevOps engineers as companies realize the massive value in automation.

Why You Should Get Into DevOps!