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iDevOps.io KubeARK

logo KubeARK is a Kubectl middleware designed to give template engine functionality to both locally and remotely hosted yaml files. This will allow you to store yamls online with bash variables and execute a single command to replace variables in line with the Kubectl apply or create. Adding variable replacement functionality with command arguments for kubectl apply and create. Never hard code any value and use one command to template your yaml files. KubeARK also comes with a one line install command. Simple, easy to use, straight forward, open source MIT license. This allows you to template remotely hosted YAML files for one line installs of yamls into your cluster without having to manually replace variables. Automation is the key to simplicity and reliability.

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iDevOps.io Helios

logo Helios is a super lightweight UI based job scheduler created to run in Kubernetes. Designed for simplicity utilizing our Django rapid development template and django-social-auth we have created a job scheduler capable of running multiple languages in a timed fashion. Our goal was simplicity in our approach to this project and with that we allow you to one line install this amazing open source project to handle all of your Job Scheduling needs. Designed to run in Kubernetes, Helios can also run on traditional hardware with a little more manual setup. We provide automation scripts for every part of installing Helios to make the process and implementation as smooth as possible. The only thing you will have to do a head of time is decide which social auth to use and generate your app ip and secret for the social platform of your choosing. Automation is the key to simplicity and reliability.

Supported Social Auth Backends

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Github

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DaaS (DevOps as a Service).

DaaS will be an e2e AWS CICD platform. You will be able to signup and utilize our student driven DaaS platform. We expect the beta program to start in Q1 of 2020. DaaS will enforce industry standard practices while simplifying CICD into a few easy clicks. With DaaS's automation store offering you will be able to add common industry software configured to be highly available, reliable, and distributed at the push of a button.

DaaS will be powered by a Kubernetes backend and will try to fit your backend infrastructure within your specified budget. When the services notices you going beyond your budget it will ask for approval from a manager level employee.

DaaS will act as a DevOps adviser and will try to help you keep your environment within best practices.

Rapid Django Template.

This is an open source Django template we have created for rapid prototyping of production websites. Skip the painful setup and configuration for social oauth and skip straight to simply implementing your core logic with our rapid Django prototyping template. This will be releasing soon.

ELKHunter or EMaaS (Elasticsearch management as a service)

ELKHunter provides free out of the box automated index rotation snapshot and restore at the push of a button. You can set the number of days to keep your elasticsearch index's and ELKHunter will automatically rotate the index and back it up to an AWS S3 Repo.

This backup can be restored at any time via the UI at the simple click of a button. ELKHunter will also provide a series of Elastic search management functions. We are actively engaged in creating and testing very early POC's for this platform as real world implementations.

We expect a beta to begin in Q4 of this year.

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